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Beyond Website Design
Beyond Website Design

Allowing your website visitors to be able to contact you is essential but there are a few important things to consider if you are to avoid problems with unwanted contacts from spammers.

  • Never display an email address on a Web Page

  • Automated web crawlers spend 24/7 looking around the internet for juicy email addresses like yours. Using a contact form hides your email address from potential spammers and abusive contacts.
  • Use a Profanity Filter

  • There are people out there who just love to send out profane messages to strangers. Our profanity filters ensure that very few such posts reach you.
  • Reject Links to Other Websites

  • Posts containing website addresses are usually trying to promote or sell you something so are unwelcome. Our contact forms do not accept website addresses and inform the person of this when they try to send it.
  • Reject Mass Mailings

  • Contact forms are often targetted by spammers to promote goods and services. Such posts are unwelcome and our input filters can be made to reject particular words used only by spammers. There is no legitimate reason for a visitor contacting your business to mention:- 'invest', 'bitcoin', 'opportunity' or many other such words.
  • Reject Automated Crawlers

  • The automated crawlers which trawl around the internet are very sophisticated and complete most kinds of input field and send their unwanted messages. One thing that stops them are CAPTCHA fields which require human input based on information displayed on the page. We have developed a number of easy to use CAPTCHA fields designed to make the completing of forms intuitive.

The following examples of CAPTCHA fields illustrate a few real worl examples which complicate the whole process. They make completing the process too difficult and are likely to drive your visitors away.

Contrast the above examples with one of our CAPTCHA fields. This is only one of a range of options and we can also design the graphics to match the style of your website.

There are many other poor examples of CAPTCHA forms out there, some of the most frustrating ones to use are the ones that ask you to click on images of steps, traffic lights, doors, bicycles and a whole load of other nonsense.

Basic Contact Forms

Our basic contact forms gather:- Name, Email Address, Phone Number and the message that your visitor wants to send.

Questionnaire Contact Forms

Our contact forms can also be tailored to suit your specific requirements and can include specific questions such as which of your products or services your visitors are interested in.

Do you receive a lot of spam?

In order to improve our contact form filters, we store all the rejected messages and regularly review them. It doesn't make for pleasant reading but by constantly evolving our filters, we can continue to offer a unique service which other website designers are unable to deliver.

A Word About Wordpress

We make no secret of our dislike for Wordpress and with good reason. They don't have useful features like contact forms built in, you have to load a plugin and then learn how to put it all together and hope it works. If you want anti spam and security features, on your contact form, you then have to pay to build it yourself - what a rip off!

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