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Graphic design is a very personal thing and having a great idea is one thing but how do you turn your idea into a presentable image?

We have been designing graphics for websites, posters, print and other media for many years and in that time we have learnt a lot about what does and doesn't 'work'.

Grabbing the attention of potential customers is the main purpose but many modern graphic designers are more concerned with using the trendy methods considered current instead of concentrating on getting the core message across.

The images below showcase a random selection of images that we have created over the years for a variety of purposes.

Option #1 - Create Your Own

Taking pictures on a phone is easy but if the intention is to use it to sell something, it needs to say:-

Buy Me!

Most images you see in the media and on websites have been edited to ensure that they are the right size and of the right quality. Editing images is not easy and whichever editing package you choose to use, it takes time to learn use it.

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Option #2 - Get it made

We have created thousands of images over the years and a small sample of them appear at the top of this panel. The height and width of those inages are all different but forcing them to the same height presents them very neatly at all screen sizes.

Many of the images we have created have been supplied to us as a simple pencil sketch. Using our skills with Photoshop and other graphics software, professional looking graphics like the ones above were created for use on web pages.

Website graphics need to say something to the viewer, do yours?

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