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Website Menus

Menus on websites are often overlooked but are a vitally important aspect of navigation.

If people cannot quickly find what they are looking for on your website, they will probably just give up and go and shop elsewhere.

Menus must be:-

  • Easy to find

  • I know it sounds obvious but you would be surprised at the number of websites which have their main menu hidden behind some anonymous, tiny icon.
  • Attractive

  • If a designer has taken the time to make a menu look good, they have probably taken the time to make it work well too.
  • Easy to use

  • Many of the fly open type menus are very frustrating to use because the whole menu tree closes down before you can reach the item you require.
  • Arranged logically

  • Alphabetical or by product type but not a random jumble of listed items.

The design of the menu depends on the range of products or services you offer. The two websites below offer thousands of products but the menu systems have to be totally different.

Studiosoft - Website Menus


Visit the Audiotec website

Audiotec2u sells home entertainment equipment & professional sound and lighting equipment. Visitors to this website fall into 2 main categories, people browsing to see what is available and people looking for specific products.

The side menu lists all the categories which open up sub catgories when selected. This enables visitors to easily find what they are searching for.

The navigation is backed up with an intelligent search facility where the stock list can be searched for criteria including manufacturer's product numbers.

Studiosoft - Website Menus


Visit the Owlparts website

Owlparts sell a vast range new truck and trailer parts and the navigation menu needed to be designed for easy access. Most visitors are looking for specific parts for a particular make of truck or trailer and we accomplished that by creating a button driven menu.

The customer selects the make and is presented with a sub menu of categories. Selecting a category reveals another sub menu of components. Some categories have a further level of sub category if the numbers of options creates a list we consider too large.

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