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Beyond Website Design
Beyond Website Design

Once information is in a computer it can be easily manipulated to suit your requirements but getting it there can be very time consuming.

A Different Approach

Our approach to data input is a little different to what most people are used to as we tailor the input form to the specific data you will be entering. Using this method, the fields of the form are in a logical order for your data input rather than just tied to the order they appear in your database table.

If you only have a few items to enter, the time taken isn't really an issue but if you have thousands of items to enter into a database, a stock list for example, anything that can speed up the process would be welcome.

We design our input forms and user interfaces to be as time efficient as possible by working with the end users and making the solution work with the way they like to operate.

It is different because most software vendors force you to work their way rather that the way you prefer.

Crunching the Data

Once the data is in your computer, we can also provide you with the same efficiency in the way you deal with it around the office and how you keep your website updated.

Our data handling tools are designed for your specific purpose so the days of clicking through unused and irelevant options are over.

It is this attention to detail which makes us far more than just website builders, we design intuitive websites to improve your working lives.

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