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"Creating simple, intuitive solutions in a world dominated by complexity"


Beyond Website Design

Keep It Simple

Managing a website can be a complex business but it isn't the task itself that is complicated, it is the tools that many web design companies give you to use, that are complicated. Many are so complicated and non-intuitive that the users have to be trained to use them. Bear in mind that the tasks you are perfoming are usually very basic ie. editing descriptions, uploading images, changing prices etc. The process should be simple but it never ceases to amaze us how much complexity many designers can add to very basic tasks.

Our solutions are designed around your working practices so they fit seamlessly into your working life.

Studiosoft - Website Management

There are a number of options regarding how you manage your website and that really depends on whether your business is internet based, office based or both.


If your business is based online, it makes sense to perform all the updates online and automatically back it up whenever you make changes. One of the easiest ways is to automatically email the data back to you. Our online interfaces are not adapted from 3rd party generic solutions, they are designed to handle your specific tasks and save you time and money.

Office Based

Office based businesses have a different set of requirements and therefore require a more tailored solution. The website of a high street store for example can utilise the same data for their physical store and their website. Not only does a single solution cut down on the amount of work involved, it also eliminates the risk of discrepencies between data sets. Our solutions can take the information from databases and text files or we can provide a fully integrated solution.

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